Understanding our charges and our approach to delivering strong performance are an important part of your decision to choose Raymond James.  For more details on fees and performance, see below.


Portfolio Fees

Aligning our interests with yours, working together to achieve your financial goals.

Our fees our clear, fair and transparent. We offer two main fee structures to suit your investments and we provide all clients with a Schedule Of Fees And Charges (SOFAC) accompanied by a Cost and Charges illustration in cash terms so you can be clear on what charges are being applied to your investment portfolios.

We will invest in the most appropriate investments in order to maximise your returns be it direct equities and bonds, collective funds, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) or investment trusts and we will source the investments with the lowest inbuilt fees using the buying power of Raymond James.

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Portfolio Performance

We strive to deliver top end performance through all market cycles.   For our discretionary managed portfolios we do this by taking an active approach to investment management and making regular and decisive investment decisions on your behalf.   Globally diversified, bespoke portfolios are created to take account of individual client needs and attitudes as well as your wider circumstances.  The structure of the portfolios are discussed in detail as well as the performance metrics and benchmarks.

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